6.25mm Malyugin Ring®

The 6.25mm Malyugin Ring is the most popular of our two sizes of Malyugin Rings and is used to create pupil's of 6.25mm in diameter.
The Malyugin Ring® System results in these benefits:

  • Saves considerable time during placement and removal vs other pupil expansion devices.
  • Is placed through the main incision (of 2.2mm or larger). This eliminates the need to make several extra paracentesis
  • Provides eight points of fixation which results in a round pupil.
  • Is less likely to create damage to the Iris sphincter.
  • Includes a disposable injector with each Ring which facilitates removal.
  • Doesn't "tent" the Iris which reduces the chance of viscoelastic being trapped underneath it.

Malyugin Rings are provided sterile, six to a package and are labeled for single use.  A MST manufactured manipulator designed specifically for the Malyugin Ring is available.
The Malyugin Ring and its system have patents pending.

Catalog Numbers:

Description Catalog Number
6.25mm MST/Malyugin Ring MAL-0001